Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11

Amy Smith

Fort Worth TX

I was in New York that week for the Michael Jackson Celebration Concert at Madison Square Garden. My friends and I had flown in for the 7th and it was our first time to the big apple. We were enjoying every minute of it. Being from Texas I was used to traffic in the big cities but I experienced so much more in New York City. It was so different from the south and from back in the country where my family lives in Fort Worth. My friends and I stayed at the Pennyslvania Hotel across from Madison Square Garden. We went sight-seeing, we went to times square, we even saw the twin towers, but only from a distance. The skyline was incredible to look at. I will never forget it. The concert ended on the 7th and we contemplated going to the second one on the 10th. But in the end we decided to leave. I arrived home on September 10, 2001. The next morning my Mother woke me up telling me New York was being attacked. I couldn't believe it and it wasn't until my Dad came into my room and told me again that I got up and went to see the T.V. What I saw took my breath away. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach or that I was drowning and I couldn't surface. I had just left that wonderful city that was now being destroyed. I still had friends there and I didn't know if they were all right. I was in shock and hysterical. My family and friends thought I was still in New York and that day I got bombarded with frantic phone calls. I had never felt so helpless and scared. I couldn't stop crying. Eventually my friends got in touch with me and let me know they were okay. I felt somewhat relief but it didn't erase the horror and sorrow I felt for the people of New York. The twin towers were gone. The beautiful skyline had been decimated by terroists. It was tragic. But I did go back to New York in July of 2002 and everything was different. The spirit of New York was different. The skyline was altered but now it seemed as if an invisible american flag stood where the towers did the year before. Sadness was still embedded in every crevice of the city. But what touched me more was the patriotism and the strength that I saw when I went back. New York had been through so much tragedy but the heart of the city still beat strong and to this day I have not forgotten. Nobody will ever forget September 11, 2001.

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