Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11


9/11 Remember always

Arlington TX

I had just gotten home from work, 3rd shift and put the girls on the bus to school. I grabbed my bowl of Cheerios and turned on the news like I did every morning. I was instantly seeing the tragic news of the plane crash in the first tower. I sat there in utter disbelief. My husband was still in bed upstairs. I went up and woke him to tell him what had happened. I returned back downstairs, picked up my cereal bowl and watched the TV ever so intently. They had the camera on the tower and I watched as a plane came into view and flew into the second tower. I screamed and dropped my cereal on the floor. My husband came running down the stairs to see what I was screaming about. All I could do was look at him as tears strolled down my face. I began looking for my phone, I had to call my dear friend in NY, please God let him be okay. No answer, just his voice mail. I must have left 100 voice mails over the next 3 days. I finally recorded his voice mail message so I could play it for my daughters (to whom he was Godfather to one of them). We always will find comfort in hearing his voice I cherish my pictures I have of him and with him. As my husband held me sobbing in his arms, we learned of the next two plane crashes. I will never forget the events and that day. I will never forget the events of the last ten years. I will share the story of 9/11 with my grandchildren someday. I pray as a nation we can find solace in each other.

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