Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11

Michael Rose

Madison, NC

Madison, NC NC

I was living in Portland OR. I had finished breakfast and was getting ready to go running before going to work. I turned on the TV to catch some news before I left the house, and learned that a plane had stuck one of the World Trade Center towers. While I was watching the TV and lacing up my running shoes, the second plane hit the other tower. I didn't go running and watched as much coverage as I could before going to work. At work (a community college) the students were very quite all afternoon - not typical behavior. We set up a TV in a lobby so students could follow the news on their breaks between classes. Later I got a call from my ex-wife; her stepfather was an active duty helicopter pilot stationed at Fort Belovoir VA just below DC. She hadn't been able to reach him on the phone and was pretty upset. We later found out he had spent most of the day ferrying officers and staff from the Pentagon to Fort Belevoir after the plane crashed into the Pentagon. Later in the afternoon after President Bush closed all US airspace to passenger jets, I could hear fighter jets from the Oregon Air National Guard repeatedly taking off from the airport - their responsibility was the airspace from the California state line to the Canadian border. It was very strange to hear only military aircraft taking off from a usually very busy airport for the rest of the day. Just a very sad day, and a huge wake-up call.

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