Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11

Anne Burley

9/11 I was..

Fort Worth TX

I was living in Sumter, SC where Shaw AFB is located. As school counselor fro Wilder Elementary, I was getting caught up on some reports. I heard the TV from the main office. It was used for weather and other important updates. I didn't think much of it except that maybe Senator Strom Thurmond had died. He was 98 at the time. After awhile I walked out to check, all I could do was watch in silence. Once the news spread, the base was closing down and parents were frantically getting their children out of school to go home. Also for days we worried about a member of our church who worked between SC and D.C. She was to be in a meeting that day in the Pentagon. At the last minute it was changed to another location. After 2 days we heard she was alive and OK. God Bless the USA!

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