Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11


My 9/11 memory

Hurst TX

My 9/11 memory began with a phone call. I'm a Fort Worth police officer and at the time I was in the Gang Unit. I was working nights and was asleep. On the other end of the phone was my then girlfriend now wife. She's a teacher and asked if I knew what was going on in NYC. There were tears in her voice, she was angry that she didn't know what to tell her 6th grade kids. She asked me what she should tell them. I didn't know so I turned on the TV. I saw the hole from the first plane and knew that it was a large plane. I had worked at DFW loading airplanes before being a cop. My brother worked at DFW for an airline at that time. I couldn't believe it when I saw the second plane fly in. I knew then what my grandparents felt hearing of Pearl Harbor. As the scope of Washington and Pennsylvania sunk in I felt rage,shock and the cop in me kicked in. I wanted to be there, to do my job. I just knew if I was there I could help, somehow. I watched the TV until I was called in early. My unit along with some of the Zero Tolerance Units were sent to DFW to secure the terminal gate ramp areas. We watched the last planes land and park. It was surreal for me to see all the gates full yet the silence was deafening, the planes weren't going anywhere. I never thought that I'd be back there, heavily armed, walking around on the ramp seeing old co-workers at the airline. I thought of my brother, glad he wasn't a flight crew. I still think of the police and firefighters who ran in when everyone else ran out. They were doing the same job I do or that they do wherever they wear a badge. If it happened here we would have been the ones going in. That's our job, why we do it. We want to make a difference. We never got to go to DC, or NYC or Pennsylvania; I think that if given the chance we would've gone in a heartbeat.

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