Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11

Danelle Golden


Fort Worth, TX TX

We came off a Thames River cruise in London and an English businessman asked if we were Americans. When we said Yes - he proceeded to tell us about the events at home. Hearing that your country had been attacked was a feeling hard to explain. As we proceeded to get a taxi to take us back to the hotel, there were vendors selling a special edition of the newspaper with the news of the attacks in New York. We bought a paper and immediately went to hotel to watch TV and see what was happening. It was amazing how much coverage was being shown in London. Everyone in London was wonderful and showing so much concern for Americans with memorials, etc. Our travel plans were not affected as our return was after the travel restrictions. That was the beginning of the changes in travel - we could only take one item on the plane - all others had to be checked. Everyone was solemn, cordial and security was heightened. We, like everyone, will never forget when we heard what happened on 9-11

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