Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11

annie garcia

Make it count

Grapevine TX

As they slowly close the door, I stare back at them, unwilling to break our connection reflected in their ethereal gaze. I back away from the crew van as it slowly rolls from the curb. Fragmented laughter and familiar crew buzz float back to me even as this time; the shuttle has no destination. No chance for one last call home to kids and spouses, lovers and friends. There will be no layover biking along the beach or lingering over margueritas.

They are gone.

The crew of Flight 11 has been gone for 10 long years as children grow and life unfolds.

"Make it count," they whisper as they slip thru my dreams.

Such is the challenge for those of us left behind on this weary planet. By fulfilling our potential, each and together, have we honored their lives? Are you living each moment as if it too could be your last? It's difficult. Sometimes way too difficult. Sometimes the weight of their sacrifice still brings me to my knees and I commit again to the promise i made on September 11, 2011, as I forced myself to walk, not run, across a school parking lot to collect my distraught daughter.

"Make it count," they say softly as they flutter close, so close each time I gather my children to my chest.

"Make it count," they soothe as I crawl and claw my way out of the endless nightmare.

Ten years later, this world is heavy with angst, fear and despair. Of our people who were murdered that day, one wonders what their reaction would be to this post-9/11 decade? In my mind's eye, I see them traveling forever in that crew van, discussing, disagreeing and ultimately advocating for massive global resolution to this spreading conflict.

It's beyond ironic, you know. Because of them, I'm nicer, a better person. Because of them, I reach more deeply into my heart, seeking and finding compassion for the elderly, the angry, the frustrated masses. I am more patient with myself and my loved ones. I pray for clarity and a more informed understanding of cultural differences.

For it seems to me that if they had the gift of time on this imperfect planet, they would reach for precious human connection.

Their mantra sustains me as I breathe once for my cherished life and twice for all of them. "Make it count."

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