Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11

Russell Albright

9-11 memories

Fort Worth TX

I remember I was a week away from graduating basic training for the Navy. We were in firefighting training that day. I remember sitting in the classroom going over firefighting basics and an instructor came running in shouting, "The towers have been hit. The towers have been hit." We all thought it was part of the training and that we were going to see some action in the simulator. We soon got a reality check when he switched on the TV. That was the first time I had seen television since entering basic training. I knew it had to be something big. We sat and watched the screen with horror. Some of my shipmates were from New York and began to become pretty emotional as they watched their hometown being attacked. As soon as we were given the all clear, we immediately exited training for the day and went back to our ship. The whole base went into lockdown. Nobody was allowed in or out. Nobody was allowed to be outside. We just sat there next to our bunks for the rest of the day in disbelief at what had just happened. I think we all felt something change inside of us that day and knew that we were going to have to go to war. It was our responsibility to see this thing through and bring those to justice who had desecrated our homeland. From that day on, it was nothing but the business of war for us. We are the warriors that have been called upon to defend our country and our freedom. We will not waiver and we will not fail.

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