Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11

Roy C. Brooks

Royce G. Brooks remembers 9-11

Fort Worth TX

Royce Gigi Brooks, daughter of Commissioner Roy C. Brooks and Dr. Jennifer Giddings Brooks, remembers 9-11 as though it was only a few months ago rather than 10 years ago. On September 11, 2001, Royce was a Legislative Assistant in the U.S. Capitol working in the office of Congressman Martin Frost (D) Texas. She recalls getting an emergency call from the Congressman who was attending a meeting at the Pentagon. Congressman Frost informed all staff members to quickly leave the Capitol. Royce noted that no one knew why they had to leave - they just knew that there was a high level emergency. September 11, 2011 began as a beautiful day in our nation’s Capitol. Royce recalls a day of bright sunshine – almost a perfect day. Some staff members had planned to get together for lunch outside on the Capitol grounds. After the events of the day and the near lock down of the city all staff members were sent home to contact family members and to reflect on the events of the day. As the staff headed home, Royce went to the apartment of a friend near the capitol so that she could call her family and assure everyone that she was all right. Later in the day, Royce decided to go visit a young cousin who had invited her to his 5th birthday party. She and his parents decided that it was important to celebrate his birthday. This gave them an opportunity to see the day through the eyes of a child and focus on a better tomorrow - a tomorrow of hope… Royce, a graduate of Harvard Law School, is still working in our nation’s Capitol. She is the Chief Legislative Counsel for Senator Ben Cardin (D) Maryland.

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