Dallas-Ft. Worth Remembers 9/11

Tom Reilly

keller, TX – “8:50-ish a.m. on Sept 11, 2001 in a hotel down the road from NADEP Cherry Point, NC I left a government/contractor team meeting to retrieve some notes I had left in my ...”

Judy Verkest

Arlington, TX – “My husband, Bill, and I drove from Arlington to downtown Philadelphia to attend a conference of The American Public Works Association held Sept. 9-12, 2001. In planning our trip, I organized a ...”

Carol Stanley

Granbury, TX – “My day started as it usually did; only I was late. Did I even have time to apply a stroke of eyeliner? Could I at least grab a piece of unbuttered wheat ...”

Mary Dyer

Grand Prairie, TX – “That day began for me in Buffalo, NY where I was attending the annual conference of the American Association of Medical Assistants. There were about 900 Certified Medical Assistants getting ready for ...”

jerry livingstone

Grapevine, TX – “On Wednesday the 13th it was decided that Friday night football would go on as scheduled. My wife and I were at Grapevine Mustang Stadium to watch our son play ball. Everything ...”

Gerry Nichols

Lakeside, TX – “On 9/11, I was the Presentation Support Lead at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth. My job was to support conference rooms and live events, plus manage the technical aspects of presentations ...”

Billy Sanders

Arlington, TX – “I was in Toronto on 9/11 on business. I was to leave around 3 p.m. that day to return to the States. I was seated at my desk in my hotel doing ...”

Mary Rhoades

Bedford, TX – “We woke up on 9/11 at Lake Louise, Alberta, loaded up our car and started for the Idaho border crossing. We were at the end of a great Canadian vacation, but ready ...”

Jim Stachan

Fort Worth, TX – “It was such a clear day that Tuesday morning when I woke up. The weather was calm and cool and I had a lot to do that morning. I had purchased a ...”

Daniel Kevin Mason

North Richland Hills, TX – “In 2001, I lived in Arlington, Va., near the Pentagon and taught at a nearby elementary school. That morning was a flurry of mixed and inaccurate information. We began dismissing students after ...”

Del Fisher

Fort Worth, TX – “On 9-11, my family and I were in the air, on the way to Orlando, Fla., for a Disney World vacation. My son was 11 and my daughter was 7. The pilot ...”

John Sandstrom

Bluff Dale, TX – “Having been cleared, I taxied my Piper Cherokee Six onto the active runway at Addison (Texas) Airport. I was traveling on business to Rockport on the morning of 9/11/2001. The tower controller ...”

Rick Crane

Arlington, TX – “I was teaching eighth grade American History at Lancaster Jr. High. One of the coaches came running into my room and said to turn on the TV, that terrorists had crashed planes ...”

Brett Lucas

Grandview, TX – “I served in the Air Force Reserve '85-'94. I was a American Airlines flight attendant from '87-'97. I then became a firefighter for the city of Fort Worth in 2000. As a ...”

Brice Clark

Hurst, TX – “In 2001, I was working in the air freight business, Seko Worldwide, when 9/11 occurred. I had walked up to the counter of one of the freight forwarders at the airport, and ...”

Jean Hague

Fort Worth, TX – “Now when I look back I wonder why I needed my mother to comfort me. After a brief overnight in College Station, Texas, we had just arrived at DFW Airport. It was ...”

Jerry Pikulinski

Arlington, TX – “In Washington, D.C., on Tuesday September 11, 2001, I had started my day at the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The location was the Postal Square Building, next to the Union ...”

Carmen Munoz

Euless, TX – “Like other mornings, the sun was already shinning brightly. The sky was clear. It looked as though it was going to be another beautiful day in New York. To get to work ...”

Julia Berggren

TX – “My memories and thoughts about 9/11: My brother-in-law died. (My sister's husband, Lee Alan Adler). I remember my husband calling as he drove to work to ask me, doesn't Lee work at ...”

Doris & Charles Gaunt

Arlington, TX – “The morning of 9/11 my husband and I were getting ready to go a church meeting and we received a telephone call from our granddaughter who lives in Atlanta. She wanted to ...”

Paula Hill

Fort Worth, TX – “I was at work (it was a big company) and all the employees and managers fled the building to pick their children up from school to race home. I waited two hours ...”


HURST TEXAS 76053, TX – “I just want to say that on that terrible date, Sept. 11, 2001, I was working at DFW Airport. When I saw on television what was happening, I thought they were showing ...”

Diana Vitek

Fort Worth, TX – “The memory I wanted to share happened the morning of Sept. 12, 2001. On the way to work after exiting off I-35, my car was hit by the car behind me. We ...”

Raynell Irby

North Richland Hills, TX – “The golden gates of God opened wide on 911 To let his people from his melting pot pour right on into heaven From the close of his golden gates. Those who did ...”

Brian Burns

Stephenville, TX – “I had just tuned 17 a little over a week before September 11, 2001. That morning was a particularly bright, sunny, and warm day in Stephenville, TX and it had sarted off ...”

Wayne Zachary

Fort Worth, TX – “On September 10th, I had decided like I do most nights that I would stay up late. I was watching a late night repeat of Conan O'Brien when My tired caught up ...”

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